Leipzig: Akademische Verlagsanstalt. Multiplex PCR assays were utilized to determine Chlamydia trachomatis E. coli , GBS, Listeria monocytogenes , Staphylococcus aureus Ureaplasma Uralyticum, C. m. a, enteroviruses, adenoviruses, and parechoviruse using the manufacturer’s protocols (FTD Neonatal Sepsis kit Fast-track Diagnostics). Schonemann, B. (2000).

Vaginal-rectal swabs. Geschichtsdidaktik Und Geschichtskultur [Didactics of History and Historical Culture]. Vaginal-rectal swabs are collected and processed as per the CDC guidelines for the detection of GBS colonisation [2828.

In B. The swabs were then cultured over night in LIM broth. Mutter & B. Ten millilitres of the broth was sub-cultured on 5 percent sheep blood agar. Schonemann (Eds. ), Geschichtskultur. Then, the samples were then incubated overnight in 5% CO2 at 36 degrees Celsius.

Theorie–Empirie–Pragmatik [Historical Culture. Morphologically , suspected GBS colonies could be confirmed by the methods explained above. Theory–Empiricism–Pragmaticism] (pp.

26-58). Each of the GBS samples were genotyped through the latex agglutination method (Strep-B-Latex kit, Statens Serum Institute). Weinheim: Deutscher Studien Verlag. All isolates that could not be typed through this method or had a weakly negative reaction, were assessed with multiplex PCR tests that rely on the determination of GBS capsular genotypes (Ia, Ib-IX) [2929. Schonemann, B. (2006). Additionally, culture was used an aliquot LIM broth culture was tested for the identification of GBS via PCR, in accordance with the previous report [3031]. Geschichtskultur Als Wiederholungsstruktur? [Historical Culture as a Repetitive Structure.

GBS capsular genotypes were identified using the specimens that showed a positive GBS PCR, using identical multiplex PCR test employed for the isolated cultures. Geschichte, Politik und ihre Didaktik, 34 (3-4), 182-191. Clinical management.

Seixas, P. (Ed.). (2004). Once the samples were taken, the infant was put with an antimicrobial regimen including intravenous ampicillin and the gentamicin. A Theory for Historical Consciousness . Meningitis is a probable diagnosis was determined in the event that you noticed that your CSF WBC was greater than the limit of normal (30×10 9/L [31(31.) In these cases, cefotaxime intravenous was also administered. Toronto: Toronto University Press. The duration of the antibiotic treatment was determined by the microbiological test results. Seixas, P. (2012). When the CSF was not culture-negative, however the WBC was more than 50×10-9 /L A diagnosis of meningitis was confirmed and cefotaxime continued for >=10 consecutive days [27The treatment was continued for >=10 days [27.

Indigenous Historical Consciousness. The baby was discharged from the hospital once he was fully recovered and afebrile. An Oxymoron or Dialogue? In M. She was breast-feeding well and gained weight. Carretero, M. The infant was then checked for a second time at 7 and 28 days old to ensure they were doing well and growing. Asensio, & M. Analysis of data.

Rodriguez-Moneo (Eds. ), History Education and the Construction of National Identities (pp. 125-138). The data were put into the Access 2003 database (Microsoft) and statistical analyses were conducted by using Stata/IC 12.1 (StataCorp). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. Student’s test was used to test the comparability of means, and the 2 sample Wilcoxon rank sum tests were utilized to assess medians. Shemilt, D. (1987).

Chi-squared tests were employed to evaluate proportions. two-tailed values of p. Adolescents’ Ideas about Evidence as well as Methodology in the field of History. Ethics acceptance. The History Curriculum for Teachers. All women provided an informed consent to be part of the study. C. The ethical approval was given to the Ethics Committee of The Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Thailand (MUTM 2009-011-03) and by the Oxford Tropical Research Ethics Committee, Oxford University, UK (48-08). Portal (Ed. ), The History Curriculum for Teachers (pp. 39-61).

Results. London: The Falmer Press. Between the 20th of April 2009 to 19th April 2012 Between the 20th of April and 19th of April 2012, 196 cases of EONS were detected. Tacke, C. (1995).

One newborn, who was that was born on the family farm, passed away before he was eligible to be accepted. Denkmal im sozialen Raum: nationale Symbole in Deutschland und Frankreich im 19. Five additional infants who had the clinical requirements to diagnose EONS were found to be EONS on a an additional review of the clinical record and seven infants showing clinical indications of EONS could not be included since they had already been with antibiotics (because because at-risk factors EONS and not the clinical manifestations in sepsis).

Jahrhundert. "Monument and the Social Space of National Symbols in Germany and France during the 19th Century19th Century . There were 183 infants who were recruited to the study. Gottingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht. Nine (5 percent) of them were chosen in error because they didn’t meet eligibility criteria.

Taylor, D. (2003). The remaining 174 infants will be discussed further (Figure 1. ). The Archive as well as the Repertoire: performing Cultural Memory in the Americas . The summary includes EONS cases between April 2009 and April, 2012 Maela Camp and enrolment into the study. Durham: Duke University Press. Early-onset neonatal sepsis.

Toebes, J. (1987). In total, there were 4173 live births in mothers receiving antenatal treatment with SMRU throughout the study and a rate for medically-diagnosed early onset neonatal sepsis (EONS) of 44.8 in thousand live births (187/4,173, 95 percent of the interval 38.7-51.5). History as a Distinct(ive) subject? The problem of the combination of History with other Human or Social Sciences in Particular with Social Studies in Secondary Education in the Federal Republic of Germany, England and the Netherlands . There were spikes in the prevalence of EONS in the months of March and April of each year, when they were the hottest times of year (Figure 2. ). Leiden: E.J. The number of EONS episodes for each 1000 live births per the month in which the diagnosis was made (primary axis with straight line). Brill. Monthly mean temperature (secondary axis; die-shaded line).

Vries, P. (1995). Infant characteristics. Verhaal en betoog. Of the infants who were enrolled of the program, 96% (55.2 percent) had male.

Geschiedbeoefening tussen postmoderne vertelling en sociaal-wetenschappelijke analyse [ Story and Argument. The median gestation time was 39 + 5 months (range 30-plus 5-6 to 41+6); 10/174 (5.8 percent) of babies who were prematurely born (>28 between 36 and 6-weeks). An Analysis of the Study of History between Postmodern Narrative and Social Scientific Analysis ]. The median weight of birth is 3.17 grams (range 1.42 between 1.42 and 5.08 kg), 12/172 (7.0 7.0%) were tiny to gestational age.

Leiden PhD thesis RUL. Most of the babies that were included were born at the SMRU online hospital, with only a few having been delivered at their homes (5/174, 2.9%) or in Mae Sot hospital (3/174, 1.7 percentage).